Monday, 7 November 2011

Do Red Dots Help Sell Pictures?

I received an email
                              recently from The Self-Styled  Mr Smith

You    remember    the chap I am sure,   He of  Snail Sex fame who appeared in this very     blog

This is what he said

"I have been to a few print exhibitions in my time. I expect you have too.  Has it ever struck you, as it did me the other day, how popular the prints are that have a small red dot on them?
They always seem to be the ones that sell.
Looking through your website I couldn't see that you had included any little red dots.  There maybe an artistic reason for this that I, perhaps, would not appreciate, but I thought I would raise the matter with the idea that you may, in future consider including the odd little red dot in one of the bottom corners of a few of your offerings, to see if it helps to sell the prints for you.
Please don't take this amiss.  I would hate you to think that I want to interfere in the creative process, or any other of your processes."

With kind regards,
S.S. Mr. S.

This is Food   For   thought   or   is there   considerably less to this than meets the eye?

So   I have decided    to take    Mr    Smith's   good   advice 

to see if it    works

Here   are a few   of My    images with added      majikal red    dots

Let us see if the red spots   before   our   very    eyes    improve    sales

British Food

Nose Island

Madame Naughty Nips

Mr Mark Featherhead

Jug Woman 1 (after Picasso)

Now      here is the    rub

It's    come    to my notice     whilst     writing    this post

that two of my most popular    images   have the said red dots built in

so to speak

Master Jack and the Haws


Crow Red Berry

So   now     I am  thinking  perhaps there is considerably more than meets the eye

to    Mr Smith's     idea       than I  first    thought . . .

As a post script    to the postscript    I would like to show Mr Smith's   Very Own

offering     his digital work     entitled        SOLD

SOLD by Mr Smith

Editors Note 

Mr S mith would like
me   to communicate   the fact
that his work  SOLD 
in fact For Sale
Please see his comment on this post