Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Little Chap - Fact or Fiction?

The   Li ttle   Chap

 The Little Chap has appeared in three pictures in my Cabinet of Curiosity

and each time he does he elicits a huge response from women and men

and the occasional side table and of course our friend the budgerigar

He’s a no nonsense sort of chap with an enigmatic air
Little Chap Nesting

A    clean cut jaw        and on some days a   glint       in his eye

At first I thought him to be Hungarian for obvious reasons

He always makes himself at home and bakes the most amazing little buns

but I was soon proven to be mistaken when he baked me a cake of consequence

So why does he elicit     this response ?

Little Chap spots the egg
On the face of it he’s and old engraving squeezed into a 3D shape

Found by the Great Arturo und  Annie Tolaini

Nurtured in their          Cabinet of Curiosity

and generously sent for a little holiday with the Count and Countess Muldivo

where he sleeps in a tiny cotton wool filled   Box of Wonder

I often think about the journey he made form Bristol to Devon

Can see him standing there waiting for the train, his little suitcase in hand,

on the windswept platform patrolled by his friends the Pigeons or were they Dodos?

The Last Dodo

Attila the Hun once asked me

Just what makes this Little Chap Tick    ?

I’m afraid    Nobody Knows but he does have a little clock face

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