Monday, 19 November 2012

The Travelling Cabinet of Curiosity

  Did  I ever   tell you  AB out
  the   day C oun  t  Muld ivo  ( The Not Quite Right )  sent  his

 ca ca cabinet
ex tra  ord  in airrre on a little trip   to  Schloss  Ambras
T   he  Palatial Pad     of             Ferdinand   of   Tyrol   ,
Charles V' s brother     and    Rudolph's uncle

I   can   hear  the chatt chat chatter of their prognostic lower bites as I type
as if    it    were       only     yesterday   but   it was   in fact  1572

The Holy Roman Emperors were always such a laugh

The Travelling Cabinet

 Just   I M  agine     the sounds the cabinet  made
on such   a long and arduous   jour   ney
The   creak   and clattle   of   skeletal     L e  gs
T H e  W hir  and Tick  ToCk Tic kle  of  CloCk Work
Orchestrated  by  my  g  OOd  friends the Clockwork Moths,
the Prey ing Man tis  and the Little  Monkey  fellow who does
what he doosssses    best

The Clockwork Machinations

the Grumpy grump Grunts of the nippleless Echidna , daughter of Tartarus and  Gaia, keeper of the Crystal Ball of Facial Indiscretion

Echidna By the Sea

and  the No  Nonsense
          chit   chat Chunter  of the Arma Dillo

Distinctly Armadillo

The Fruit Bat skeleton      l oo ks    on  and will reveal her secrets      s   oon   enough
Suffice it to say it involves the Clockwork moths and a jar of strawberry jam

Never Not Almost but    never     to forget

Dapper Sylvester   the dancing Starfish and his troupe

of Moa    Bone     Ball

Sylvester Starfish and the Moa Bones

Ed  itors     Note   to the Assistant Editor  :

Any   illusions  to allusions is  strict ly

Co  inci  dental 

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

My New Web-Site is Finished

I      have   to    ad mit

I      am     really    rather        pleased

with   my new   web-site             it    is  at    last    finished

and   I have    tooo say    I am     sooo    proud of it

I    even    get   to   dress as   an   Armadillo when  I  maintrain it


My New Armadillo Suit

 You   can   even buy     my    limited  edition prints 


a   nd       Posters     toooooo



Even  a    set   of AR t      Postcards



A L L    with the     c  li   ck     of      a     M ou se


A  RM A di l lo  Ma n     says  in  an     E L V I S   voice

I '  m        al l      E   C o m m erced        U   p

ISN'T  tech no   logy        MA  rve ll ous