Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Man of Letters

T he   M  a n    of   L e t ter s

I call t his image of one of the Butterfly Boys
T he Man of Letters

and have always been happy with the said title
Until Now

The artist and erst while Follower of this very Blog Dawn Tebbutt
popped some of the Letters on Twin B's head and arms into
AnAna gram Generator 

and here are a few of the Anagrams (7773) it generated in a fraction of a whisker

Masked Twit Yuppy,  Keypad Swim Putty,  Swapped Kitty Yum,  Mapped Witty Yuks
Pawed Kitty Spumy, Weak Dumpy Typist, Kaput Wiped Stymy, Swampy Dike Putty

Swampy Pitted Yuk, Swampy Ditty Puke,  A Dumpy Spew Kitty, Dame Witty Sky Pup

Now  I   yam    i a   tizz

Should I   change the   Title or not

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Hand of Odd

It was only yesterday that I realised

I have Sausages of Contention  instead of  Polite Fingers  as Digits 

I should explain of course 
I found myself in my studio attempting to grasp a clumsy representation of the planet
Saturn    as One does
Suddenly I saw them    wrinkled porcine pinkeys 
and then much to my dismay 
Two of the knuckles winked at me    yes it turns out they have eyes
I just had to take a snap 

The Hand of Odd 

Strangely it wasn't the fact my fingers have eyes that alarmed me
It was their rather casual and suggestive winking. It was almost as if I wasn't there.
My Sausages of Contention had cut me to the Quick

Editors Note:
Any references to Creating the World in Seven Days
or   Metaphysical Monochromes
or Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel
or Heaven Forbid allowing Humour to creep into Fine Art Photography

are purely coincidental

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