Friday, 29 May 2015

Little Stick figures in the street

Snapshots which don't normally see the light of day

No' 262   and   counting

I've heard it said    I   always   carry   a   camera

W ell  I  do   too

Ok  I   do   when   I   remember

there   really   is   no   excuse   not   to

and then   I   remember  a few   words   by    Susan  Sontag

something   about   photographers  

not   really  experiencing  the   scene   before   them

only   recording   it   to   experience   it   after   the   event

I  read   this   when   I   was  a  student

and it   certainly   made   me   ponder

but   it   never   stopped   me   taking   a   snap   or   two

Now   here   is   one   of   my   snaps

Street Scene
I    have      to say

I  do    love  a  bit   of back-lighting

and   combine   that   with   a   gauze   curtain

and the magic begins to happen

Diffused   Light

Long   shadows  

Add   some   Stick   figures   A   bit   like   Lowry

and   say   Palpable      at least   three times

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