Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Freuds’ flirty Fenestration Frock

Brooder of   Beasts  in   the   Nursery  Of   Nonsense

It    was   over  a  while   ago   now   when   I   first   saw  her   likeness

to   be   honest   it  was  more  of   a   glance  than  the  full Fred  Astaire

But   a   Glance  has  a   Glint   and   is   almost  a   Peep 

hush   hinting   far  more than  a  gap  or  a  Gawp  can   do

The Incubator

so   when   did  Freuds’  flirty  Fenestration  Frock     Turn  into

the   Hatch  hatch  hatchery   of  free  Spirit  Jars

Everyone   knows   It  was  Tantamount  the 23rd   of   course

Freuds' Flirty Fenestration Frock

I notice  the  Countenance   of   a  little girl  complete   with Enigma

  She   held  a leash  most   fine   and    Lepidopteran

All  of   a Whirrr   and   Myopic  on the move

Much   to   my   delight  I recognised the flutter and tink Tinkle 

of  Count   Muldivos’  Clockwork  Moths   vanishing  up  her   sleeve

The Leash made of Moths

So   this   was   the   work   of   the Cunning  old Count

His   Automata  the Envy  and   Relish of most   of  Old  Europe    

Best   not  to   mention   what   hides   behind   beady  eyed Masks

and   Modesty   Panels  Alive  alive  O

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Word Play and Fun with Fonts by three Wise Fish

    Editors Note: 

we have had to abandon

and   it   wasn't   even  the   6th   of   November 

our Word Play and Fun with Fonts  as the Search Engine

 Bots struggled to read and list them in Search results.

 Rest assured 

when the Book of the Blog   is published 

it will be replete and filled with Font Fumbles 

both Upper and Lower Case Studies and

 ripe read rictus  galore

   Oh   and   the   Odd   Image   or   two

Talking   of  Which

Did   you   ever   see

The   Threee   Wise   Fish

Three Wise Fish

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Collectors' Spectacles

(a   sight   for   sore   eyes)

spectacles   glasses    blinkers  and   goggles   

lorgnettes  and  musty  net   curtains  

glistening  pince-nez  good  for  a  gossip

 monocles  for  posers  full  of  surprises

Nearly  Everyone  knows  that   Quizzing  specs  are  sometimes  sly

The Collectors' Spectacles

Count  Muldivo  has  always  preferred  riveting  spectacles

to  the  drab  and  dribbling  nondescript

more  to  the  point  do  glasses  remember 

the  Wonders  and Curios   they  have  beheld

mumbling  past  their vigilant  frames  two by two  achoo

 rub  your  glasses  on  a  Tuesday  with  a  wicked  wink  twinkle

and  memories  will  flick  flicker  before  the  blink  of  an  eye

Editors Note :  The Collectors’ Spectacles is from

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