Sunday, 23 August 2015

Word Play and Fun with Fonts by three Wise Fish

    Editors Note: 

we have had to abandon

and   it   wasn't   even  the   6th   of   November 

our Word Play and Fun with Fonts  as the Search Engine

 Bots struggled to read and list them in Search results.

 Rest assured 

when the Book of the Blog   is published 

it will be replete and filled with Font Fumbles 

both Upper and Lower Case Studies and

 ripe read rictus  galore

   Oh   and   the   Odd   Image   or   two

Talking   of  Which

Did   you   ever   see

The   Threee   Wise   Fish

Three Wise Fish

You  can  see  more  of  Paul Biddles'  Fine Art Photography  

by   clicking   the   Link  to   his   website   below

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  1. love you/love your "work" you mad fish, ( and the Lady Paaamlaaaargh too, of course! ) make the Planet a more colour full and whimzical place, shine on you crazey allotrope ! ;-] xx