Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Languid Lady Lepidoptera

The Languid Lady Lepidoptera

The Languid Lady   Lepidoptera  was   Indeed     in need of    a shave

Hairy Scary   Hirsute  as she was

Her    gown was inflated with    somnambulant  moths

Just   Imagine   the   pep peppery  sound

  of  a mill ion     purr purr r  snor ing       moths

So what do     moths in a frock         smell like 

a hint of hirsute      moth like mists    and     Stir fried  Anticipation

of   a mysterious rent    in the mother   moth   frock

in fly the moths    two by two     inner antennae linked

frilly    formative    flying

Bobby Howlers    One  and   All      and      Tall   for None

The Click clock moths were almost to blame for the tick tock tickle

of fur laden wings

the fascination of antennae as a device to tickle so beloved of

dear   Rudolf II      Holy Roman Emperor   Moth Fancier

Editors Note

bob howler moth is a slang Brummie word for big hairy moths

Probably The Privet moth   England’s  largest  resident        moth
There is no evidence in any historical archive that Rudolf II
was interested in the ancient art of tickling

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