Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Egg Albumum Fact or Diction

            Egg   Albumum      Fact   or   Diction ?

You   always   know   when   you   hear   a rat  

a     tat  tat     at   the   door

   It’s one      of those moments    isn't it ?

Are    you pleased     or 

are    you     disturbed ?

Well    in this    case

    I  was     Over The Moon

In    waddled   Egg     Albumum

The   Walking   not quite    talking

Al bum      Ph oto   graphica

I   just   had  to   take   a   snap

of   this   momentous   event

and   here   it   is   for  your

delectation   and   delight

Egg Albumum


 didn’t    b    utter   a word

not   a   one   nor   a   2two

I began to understand

what   I had taken   for a quirky grin

was in fact     an   upside   down 

Cape   of   Good Hope   triangular   stamp

not   a   mouth   at   all

more   like   my   lips   are   sealed

with   an   interesting   stamp   taboo

Suffice   it  to   say   in   a   postage   stamp   way

I  wasn’t   in   the   least   bit    perturbed

I   spun       Egg   Albumum    around

and  noticed    a zip    most fine

yes   a      zip   zip pity   zip

running    almost all    the way 

up or down    her     back

much    to my delight    the zip was made

of    interlocking    ants   yes

ants alive alive   o  all   holding hands

Fun   with   Formica   or     what

For   those   of   us  interested   in   the  

anatomy   of   the   zip

yes   yes     there was a zipper   handle

a    fine  Black     Scorpion

with      a smile      in   her   tail

  as   they  say  in   the   zip   trade

with   some   trepidation

and   with   a clatter   of   a carapace   or   


I   undid   the   zip

imagine    the   sound

  of  a  fencing match    with   ants legs

and   a     scorpions      smile

for bile   and        health und   safety


I   am    not     allowed

to show   you   a   photograph 

Enough   of   this   zip   for   now 

What   spilled out   of old   Egg Albumum

tummy   tum   tum

Twelve      ancient      Sun   Drawings

All   Curled   paper   brittle

Crackling     with    the  dust   of   ancient   Light

prints    per   say     

some     say    replications of reality

we   say   simulacrums  of    Netheregion     Nonsense

Indeed   some   of   the   said    Images

were made centuries      before 

the    advent  colander   of    photo graphy 

How    could    this    be    possible   ?

Quite   simply

Anything   is   possible   with   a   smattering

of  tooth  paste ,    a   kind  tinder box

and   Precious   temerity      by   the   sea

Editors   Note   :

The   Twelve photographic   like images   found   inside

this   most   unearthly   Phot  o  Album

appear  to   substantiate   the existence   of  Count 

 Muldivo’s  Travelling  Cabinet of    Curiosity

I’ m   still   stroking   my   chin   on   this   one

I  just   can’t   accept   the   existence  of  photos

several   centuries   before   the media  was  invented

OK    I   can   accept    the zip   made   from 
  interlocking  ants and stuff

You and you and you

You know whom I mean

can see some more 

of Paul   Biddle's work