Monday, 28 July 2014

Hair Do Voodoo

                 Hair        doo       Voodoo

Did     I   ever    tell you     about

I    probably    did n't        and

most     likely   shouldn't          But

You   can never  be too  careful   about   history

OK   if you insist   here   goes

It was    some time ago    now

that    an   album  most   proud

came   into   my   possession   quite   unannounced

Purporting    to be   Photographic evidence

of      Count   Muldivo's

Cab in ets     of       Curiosity

Just   imagine  the position  of   my   eyebrows

Here is   the   first   plate   Hair do   Voo Doo

Hair Do   VooDoo

The   Only   known    Likeness   of
The   Clockwork   Woman
who wore    a   tame   Armadillo   as   a   hat

featuring   for   one   night   only
The   Healing   Hands   of   Halifax


The   Healing   Hands   of   Halifax

Never   You   mind   about   them

for now or    
ne’er do well

listen instead

 to the
tick and the tock
of the Cl ock      work Woman
with  her granny  grin  grin
 at    a   quarter to    three

You   can   see   more   of   Paul   Biddles    work   at

Editors Note:

It's   come   to   my   notice   that much   of   the   above   is   utter   nonsense