Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Man of Letters

T he   M  a n    of   L e t ter s

I call t his image of one of the Butterfly Boys
T he Man of Letters

and have always been happy with the said title
Until Now

The artist and erst while Follower of this very Blog Dawn Tebbutt
popped some of the Letters on Twin B's head and arms into
AnAna gram Generator 

and here are a few of the Anagrams (7773) it generated in a fraction of a whisker

Masked Twit Yuppy,  Keypad Swim Putty,  Swapped Kitty Yum,  Mapped Witty Yuks
Pawed Kitty Spumy, Weak Dumpy Typist, Kaput Wiped Stymy, Swampy Dike Putty

Swampy Pitted Yuk, Swampy Ditty Puke,  A Dumpy Spew Kitty, Dame Witty Sky Pup

Now  I   yam    i a   tizz

Should I   change the   Title or not


  1. Change the title but where would it all end my good friend? Take for example your good name and title "Paul Biddle Photographer" if we were plug in the anagram generator we'd come up with the following

    "Heap popular, odd blighter."

    "Popular, highbred poet lad."

    "Appalled up the horrid bog."

    "Hot raped happier bulldog."

    "Ugh! Proper alphabet dildo."

    "Top ghoul baldhead ripper."

    Which are all well and good but not a touch on the original. I think you should leave "The Man of Letters" exactly how he is ...although I do love "Swampy Dike Putty" :-)

  2. Fab photo and Cryptic letter play!

  3. I agree with Dawn Tebbutt: Keep the name. This is the man of letters! Can it be anything else?
    'Kaput Wiped Stymy' would be an embarrassment to the poor man.
    Though you might consider 'Popular, highbred poet lad' as an alias for yourself Mr. Biddle :)