Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Vain Pomegranate

The Vain   Pom e gran ate

from the Series : The Paranoia  of F ruit and Veg e tables

Have you ever noticed how a Pomegranate given the opportunity will stare for hours and hours at it’s own reflection ?

 No   Nor nor nor   had I until yes ter day     when

I happened upon this very scene in a dark and dusty corner of my studio

It was the sound of lemons being peeled by the ever industrious Mr and Mrs Wasp

that first aroused my attention 

detail of The Vain Pomegranate
 I crept   closer  so as not  to disturb

and there before me was a  scene stolen  from the 17th Century

redolent with the scent of   ancient chalk dust   and   wasp wings

I just had  to take a snap  and here it is

The Vain Pomegranate

And there she was Lady PushPeter  of the Pom e granates


Perched on a    column of platitude

admiring  herself  and  her rather coquettish feather

Does Pomegranate    Preen   ?

Please write     your answer on a wasp wing of your choice

whisper to the wasp

and    point it    in my direction

The wasp that makes me laugh the most   will receive  a   free wasp sized print of

The Vain Pomegranate  with no   Stings     attached

Granada   Granada      Granada

Editors Note : Any reference to   Bleeding Hearts , Ratatoiulle or Frederick                       The Great Elector

of      Brandenburg Prussia    are   purely   coinci dental

rather like      Flossing   in the Wind

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  1. Of course they preen they are like a woman, first they attract your hand and then your lips...JLC:)


  3. As mayor of PomPom-Pomegranate Land, I feel I must speak on behalf of my fruiple. Do we preen? Of course. We are an exotic and voluptuous fruiple yes, I mean, any nit-wit can see that by the crown we wear upon our heads. But many of our citigranates are doctors and nurses, aiding humanity in their quest toward better health.
    This photograph however, is not representative of us a whole. Lady PushPeter, better known here among us as Lady Narci-ssistic, was caught, we believe, by you while she was getting ready for the Starfruit awards. She is well known for her vanity. Her song, "Peel Me Til I Burst", though a #1 hit, was shocking to those of us with unpeeled virtue. With the aid of Mr. and Mrs. Wasp, her managers, we believe that you were set up because of your love for our fruiple, and your eye for the camera. We humbly apologize if you feel violated in any way, and in the hopes of recompense, want to offer you a key to the city, and honor of head photographer in PomPom-Pomegranate Land. Please let us know in a timely fashion, since as you know, we start to ripen rather quickly.


    Mayor Pomegranate

  4. She preens indeed as she awaits her cloak of lemon peel,
    so carefully prepared by Mr and Mrs Wasp,
    and then,
    and then with her crown and feather and flush, expectant cheeks she will be ready, but for who?
    Who is the stealthy suitor, the organic intruder, the fruity dreamweaver who will topple her from her platitudinous plinth,
    woo her with wretched lewd whispers and transform her into a
    fruit smoothie?

  5. EDITOR'S NOTE : I received this information in what I can only describe as a rusty tin can today and thought it would be of interest.There was a piece of string attached to the said can which trailed off into the distance.
    "The Fruit of the Underworld, colloquially known as a Pomegranate, was one of the most important fruits in Greek mythology.When Hades visited Demeter, and her daughter Persephone, he gave Persephone a Pomegranate seed, making sure that she would be tempted into going into the Underworld and staying with him. The Pomegranate represents temptation in Greek Mythology, and it is known for being grown and found only in the Underworld, which led to it's name."

  6. Self-styled Mr Smith29 December 2011 at 04:05

    "Are my tips a bit green?"
    "Does my pate have a sheen?"
    I'm bound to remark that this little scene
    Is highly suspicious, with more to be seen
    Than first meets the eye.

    Whilst Vain Pomergranate is bursting with seed,
    The death of the lemons is ugly indeed.
    Who removed their mortal coils
    'fore hiding guilt in unguents and oils?

    The Seven Sins have played their part;
    The cunning lens turns crime to art;
    Envy must end and Vanity make a Start.
    Wasn't Lady Macbeth a bit of a tart?

    Red-handed and ripe with feather in hood
    With quill at the ready to write it in blood,
    Ignoring the cries, the boos and the hiss
    Asks her wasps, soto voce, "Does my bum look big in this?"

  7. I look forward to more of your amazing posts in 2012! All the best.

  8. Love the stark perfection of your photos Paul - have just looked at your website too - great work. Lesley