Wednesday, 17 June 2015

O p Ti ckle

o p  Ti ck le

some one once Said
or  may be    should have said

Blunted Sight    is a bit like
Having your eyes tickled

by   a n   Opt i cal    Fever

or   do  I   mean Feather

B lu rr y   B lu rred  

 A ll   Fuzzy

to obscure or sully (something) by smearing or with a smeary substance

A ll   togeth er    now

say   Smeary  3 times 

and smile

The Opticians Apprentice

To make   indistinct   and 

That’s   what 
The   Impressionists did too

and   they   did  alright  
for  them selves  

S o  does art  have   to   be
Bl u rr ed   or   S meary

Out  of  Sorts  with  Focus

Not   what  you’d  call

Pin  Sharp   Tack   Sharp

or    Pi nn o

So   doe s

   Blun ted   Sight  

make     A rt     m o re

L ike     A rt

rat   rit    rot  

st uff   and   none sense

who   can   say

The   Opticians   Apprentice  

is   part   of  the  series

The  Library  of  Letters

 by  Paul   Biddle

You  can  see  more  of  the  series


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