Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Eye of the Potato

      Some    claim     that     The plural        of  potato

is  potatoes     now there's an  image  for you   to conjure        with   

Let's    visualise        it       together like peas    in a    Pod

ow   many   toes    do you    see

people   see   lots   of   toes   and   remember

when kids    sang        sing song

hole   in  your   sock            hole   in  your   sock

You   have    a   potato     in   your   sock

Soothsayers   say      potatoes  have  eyes

The Eye of the potato

Some   say      starchy   oval   tuber     say this in a nasally way 

      Others   say    Edible    yum   yum   

 roast them   bake   them     and   most  callous   of  all     Mash   them

   The   Beloved   potato

proud    member  of   the   nightshade   family

    should   never  be   confused   with   the   couch   potato

or   indeed     the  hot   potato    a delicate or awkward matter

You can   see   more  

of   the Paranoia of Fruit and Vegetables series by clicking the link


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  2. Hi and thank you very much for your comment, Best Regards, Paul. Nice work by the way, I especially like the head with buildings