Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Figure Flinger

T   h e        F ig’ure        F l i n g e r   

N ever  E v e r   L i n g er   wi th

                             a  F i g u r e   F l i n g er

You  m a y well  fin d   o u t 

                                what inside out   is   actually  like

I used to be the right way around     until 

I  met   the   Shaman   Sisters  all feathered  and   frothy  and

   Van Dyke   dikkity   doodaH    DoOdaH    brown

with twitchy Bird  Beaked   Hands   a clickity  clacking

a bit   like   a    crustacean   crab  pie  in   limbo  

I even   knew    my  left    from   your right

in   those   days

The Figure Flinger

  always    remember
the right eye should never see what the left eye has seen

and b a c k   t o   f r o nt  is  not   the   new   upside   down

F l i n g s  i n   f a r   f l u n g    places   are  not

Atol Protected

S h i f t y   S h a p e   S h i f t e r s  

Shaman   Namen   what does it matter as long as he loves his mother

I   refuse to  mention   the   b’b’  Bovine  Head

let’s  just   say 

I  know   why   the  right horn got broke

One Sister has a Bovine Head

So   why   does   the Bovine   Sister   have   a special place  in her tummy  where her sister sits   and   knits

K Nit   knit  knitting
with Purl wise  fingers
Some   Say  She  knits   her  own   shadow

Knit One     P u r l   O n e      Cast   Off   a  lot

The Knitter of Shadows

Have you   ever   sMelt a    F igure      Flinger

Some smell all feathery ancient and moth eaten
like old dust smells nicer than new

Bovine and Aniline    Aromatic and Free

Skeletons and bird beaks smell like 

old ladies  face fill  powder     with the perfume removed

Big Birds Feet    just smell

and as for  dangling  limbs and medals

you have to    make up your own mind    on that

The Tree as a Young man

Editors Note :    Any   references   to reality

 are   strictly    accidental

The   Figure   Flinger is a new member of the family and you 

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