Sunday, 17 July 2011

Paul Biddle and his Archipelago of Fantasy Islands

Cloudy Island
Handy Island

Many people have asked the same question: Do Paul Biddles' Fantasy Islands actually exist? The simple answer is No, but here are some comments we have received in the past.

Foot and Mouth Island

Christopher Colombus: I could never make up my mind if it was Nor Nor East or just plain Nor Nor Nor.    21st June, 1498.

Ferdinand Magellan : Whilst completing my first Circumnavigation of the World I happened upon a Strait called Biddle but it led to Nowhere. 1520


Nose Island

 Francis Drake : I had always heard the best and most capacious ruffs were made in the Strait of Biddle but I never quite found them.  1590

 Marco Polo : When I was exploring Asia, a dear friend of mine called Kublai Khan mentioned the existence of such an Archipelago but he found it very difficult to pronounce the word Biddle. 1290

Editors Note: It seems highly improbable that these comments bare any semblance of truth.
Although the light-house perched on top of
the fabled Nose Island bares a striking resemblance to Smeatons Tower in Plymouth.

Contarini Cauliflower Island

Mr Fred Conquest and Jemima the Goose Island

This island is also strictly speaking not an island but a Ship of the Line
in the Fantasy Island Navy and lets face it Mr Conquest and the Good Jemima
sail a pretty ship.

Ear Island
Marvel at the woman with the megaphone and ice skates on her feet.
Whilst looking at the woman with the megaphone through a telescope an ancient mariner made the observation that she looked remarkably similar to the woman who appears in the photograph
Snail Sex at the following link 

The Ship of the Desert Sails Forth Island

Desdemoaner and the Ice Monkey Island

The shady looking character in ice skates above is in fact
the self-styled Mr Smith of Snail Sex fame
O'Grady Says Island

Possibly the first Wind Farm situated on a Fantasy Island in the known World

Isle of No Egrets
Nose Island on Holiday
Handy Footy Island

 You can see more of Paul Biddles photographs at

Editors Note : We have had countless people enquiring
about Holidays to The Fantasy Island Archipelago.
Due to ecological reasons tourism is strictly limited
and is now fully booked until the year 2020. 


  1. Mr Biddle we are not worthy of such artistic loveliness - thank you so much for sharing your delightful island fantasy with us. I can't wait for the next thrilling installment!

  2. Indeed delightful Islands... I can tell, I've been to Nose Island myself.
    And the count Muldivo is quite sympathetic.