Monday, 22 August 2011

Paul Biddle has an exhibition at Luminous - Lint

The Strange Worlds of Paul Biddle


  1. Gosh! it's not a word I'm overtly familiar with but... gosh how did I get here?
    Mr Paul may I ask a question?
    In my minds eye I can hear (wow, every day adds a little wonder- my mind has both eyes and ears) your lovely understanding tones reply. Of course you can ask me a question.
    Here goes. Do you use a camera in your work or do you use the Arkwright-Dollis method of direct neurological transference.

  2. Dear Mr Shade,
    Firstly may I welcome you to the Blog that is Biddle.
    You must be a psychic Sir, I do not use a camera to capture these images. I have tried the Arkwright-Dollis method but find it messy,intrusive and Bombastickle-Back to say the least.My preferred technique is the Ted Serios Psychic Projection method by means of a technical device called a "Gizmo".